The RV is a high performance darts in the signature series and is now available in 22 GR and 23 GR weights. Darts with a dark-blue coating and revolver dots, they're not only beautiful to see but also have an outstanding balance. These darts are designed with Richard Veenstra, so proven to be winning material!

PACK contents:

3 x RV | 22 or 23 GR barrel
3 x 2BA ALU converters
3 x 2BA Shafts S Black
3 x 2BA Shafts M Black
3 x No6 Flights Blue
3 x Shield Flights Blue
3 x Cutted Flights Blue

€ 72,50

Technical info

Material: 90 % Tungsten
Barrel weight: 22 grams (incl: ALU conv: )
Barrel Lengte 39 mm, ( 50 mm incl: ALU conv: )
Diameter 6,8 mm
Point 33 mm Black
Shaft connection:
M3 inner-M4 outher tread