A Superior dart with excellent balance. Created in coöperation with Andy Kröckel, 27 times German Meister. This dart will give you optimal control and confidence from the first throw. Easy to tune to your prefered balance with the 3 shaft systems included in this SUPER PACK

SUPER PACK contents:

3 x LEGEND barrel
3 x 2BA ALU black converters
3 x 2BA Shafts S Black
3 x Zeppelin ALU shafts
3 x DSS converter
3 x DSS shafts S Black
3 x No6 Flights Red
3 x No6 Flights Red RING
3 x Shield Flights Red

€ 72,50

Product retired
Technical info

Material: 95 % Tungsten
Barrel weight: 23 gram (incl: ALU conv: )
Barrel Lengte 39 mm, ( 50 mm incl: ALU conv: )
Diameter 6,8 mm
Point 33 mm Black
Shaft connection:
M3 inner-M4 outher tread