On request of d’art9, Jim Williams designed his preferred set-up for the short i-Dart.
Extra grip is added to the front of the barrel followed by knurled grip. With Jim’s initials engraved
in the i-Grip makes this a unique limited serie. Jim prefers the DSS set-up for optimum stabilty.
A set of Zeppelin shafts is added for free.

€ 52,50

PACK contents
3 x Jim Willims (S) I-Dart Barrels
3 x Jim Williams (S) I-Grips
3 x DSS Converters
3 x DSS Shafts (S) Black
3 x Zeppelin Nylon Shafts
6 x No6 Flights Red
Technical Info
Material: 95 % Tungsten
Weight: 22, 24, 25 grams
Dimensions: Barrel Length 45,8 mm,
Diameter 6,8 mm, Point: 33 mm
Shaft connection M3 inner -, M4 outher thread
Comes with free
zeppelin nylon shafts