2020-08-10 Corona update:
We're fully operational again, however we only ship out once a week on wednesdays, starting from august 19th, due to ristrictions from our parcel carrier. Thank you for your understanding, team d'art9

For team d'art9 player Jim Williams, reigning WDF Worldcup Champion, d'art9 designed the classic shaped JW I 24 darts. Multi V-shaped grooves with a Ghost grip along the barrel gives you reference to grip the barrel at the right spot each time. The black duo-tone flights do not distract your focus while aiming. This dart has proven to be a tool to get the job done!

PACK contents:

3 x JW I 24 front barrel
3 x JW 2BA back-end
3 x 2BA shafts S black
3 x No 2 flights, duo-black
3 x Shield flights, duo black

€ 38,50

Technical info

Material: 80% Tungsten
Barrel weight 23,7 gram
Barrel Length 50 mm
Diameter 6,75 mm
Grip, multi V-grips with Ghost grip
Point 33 mm Black
Shaft connection 2BA