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For team d'art9 player Jim Williams, reigning WDF Worldcup Champion, d'art9 designed the classic shaped JW I 24 darts. Multi V-shaped grooves with a Ghost grip along the barrel gives you reference to grip the barrel at the right spot each time. The black duo-tone flights do not distract your focus while aiming. This dart has proven to be a tool to get the job done!

PACK contents:

3 x JW I 24 front barrel
3 x JW 2BA back-end
3 x 2BA shafts S black
3 x No 2 flights, duo-black
3 x Shield flights, duo black

€ 38,50

Technical info

Material: 80% Tungsten
Barrel weight 23,7 gram
Barrel Length 50 mm
Diameter 6,75 mm
Grip, multi V-grips with Ghost grip
Point 33 mm Black
Shaft connection 2BA