We proudly present to you our new HYBRID series dart, a dart which is suitable for the steel tip and soft tip sport at once! You can easily change to the desired points right at the ochey with our included keychain tool. The HYBRID also uses our I-GRIP’s to suit perfectly to your type of throwing. As introduction it comes with an extended starter pack:

€ 52,50

PACK contents
3 x HYBRID (S) I-Dart Barrels
3 x Stealth (S) I-Grips
3 x Steeltips
1 x Pack Stealth Softpoints (30 pcs)
3 x DSS NYLON Converters
3 x 2BA NYLON Converters
3 x 2BA ALU Converters
3 x DSS Shafts (S) Black
3 x 2BA Shafts (S) Blue-Transparent
3 x No6 Flights Red
3 x No6 Flights Blue
1 x Keychain Point Tool

Technical Info
Material: 90 % Tungsten
Weight Softtip/Steeltip:
15/16.5 16.5/18, 17/18.5 grams
Dimensions: Barrel Length 43,5 mm
incl. Steelpoint 76 mm
incl. Softtip 67mm
Diameter 6,8 mm, Point: 33 mm
Shaft connection M3 inner -, M4 outher thread
Including FREE
Flight shaped
keychain tool

Keychain tool to
change your softtip
and steeltip points.

Including FREE 2BA shafts and converters

Free 2BA shafts and converters to optimise your HYBRID to your preferred set-up